Twitter's Body Language


We’re familiar with the rule that roughly 55% of what we communicate comes from our body language. But, what does this mean when we spend so much time communicating online? 

On Facebook this is easy to understand; if you like something, you hit the like button, if you want show you love it, you share it with your friends. However, the online language of Twitter can be a little bit confusing. 

In the past, hitting the Fav button on tweet was a subtle gesture, like a nod, and was hard to determine exactly what someone means when they Fav your tweet.

Today, the Fav has different meanings in different contexts and has become one of the most powerful tools in the Twitter language. 

You can use the fav button to archive those tweets that genuinely leave you laughing out loud, or to bookmark a tweet on an interesting article you’d like to read later. 

Faving a tweet can politely let someone know that you have seen the message. It can also be used as a polite way of ending a conversation without actually saying that you want the conversation to end. In this case, you’ve used the fav to say “I’m bored, I want to stop talking to you.” or “That was fun but I gotta run”.

See a joke on Twitter that’s not that funny but you don’t want to hurt the sender’s feelings? Use the fav for that and it will be interpreted as a hearty ‘LOL’. 

The beauty of the fav is that there is no set rule for how you should use it and it’s open for us to find creative and fun ways to use it conversation. Look at the fav craze as a brand new way of connecting online! 

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