Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship

Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship

South Africa is one of the most innovative countries in the world and we’re so lucky to be living here right now! Nothing spurs on that innovation quite like our entrepreneurial spirit, and Sir Richard Branson knows this better than anyone. 

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Yaqeen Turton | Shared Wealth SA

Yaqeen Turton

Yaqeen Turton is an entrepreneur with a powerful vision – to help empower the youth of today through skills development and social upliftment. Read more about Shared Wealth SA here

Miles Kubheka | Vuyo's

Miles Kubheka

With Miles Kubheka, it’s all about dreaming “beeg”. Read up on this savvy entrepreneurs casual South African cuisine franchise in South Africa.


Murendi Mafuno | gentleGiant


Murendi Mafuno has always been in touch with his entrepreneurial spirit.

Find out about his proud business.

Kenneth Collett | South African Murder Mysteries

Kenneth Collett

Meet Kenneth Collett, this week’s Branson Entrepreneur hero.  He is one of those rare individuals who followed his passion, and it paid off.

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Glad Mabele | Bala Book Creations

Glad Mabele

Glad Mabele’s story of success started in his grandmother’s dining room. Bala Book Creations is a publishing company which specializes in capturing unforgettable moments in people’s lives.  

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Carmel van Wyk | Red Pepper Events

Carmel van Wyk | Red Pepper Events

As advanced as technology is today there’s still no App for making great ideas! It was Carmel’s ability to solve problems creatively that gave her the drive to start her own business. 

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Tembi Mdlalo | Real Relations

Tembi Mdlalo | Real Relations

Part of being a successful entrepreneur involves keeping your eyes open for opportunities to apply your unique idea. That’s exactly what Tembi Mdlalo did when she started Real Relations.

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Sizwe Zim | Beatroot Productions

Sizwe Zim | Beatroot Productions

Sizwe Zim is one fiery Branson Centre entrepreneur! His passion for story telling inspired his entrepreneurial journey in starting his own business; Beatroot Productions. 

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