How to Buy

Follow these simple steps to get your deal with Virgin Mobile.


Steps to Purchasing

Follow these simple steps to get your hands on your deal


Choosing a deal on our website and having it delivered is easier than ever before! 


  1. You choose a deal on the site.
  2. You can expect a call from us within 1 working day.
  3. After that, you can expect another call from our validation team within another working day. This is a safety check to protect us both and ensure no fraud occurs.
  4. Once the validation call has been made, we will dispatch your order from our warehouse within a working day.
  5. Please then expect a call from our courier partner in order to make the delivery appointment.
  6. The courier will offer you a delivery slot within the next 3 working days.
  7. You must have a copy of your South African ID and a copy of your proof of address for RICA purposes when delivery is made. It’s the law and we can’t do anything about it – sorry!

You’ll have your shiny new phone and the special tingly feeling that comes with it before you know it!