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What are Subscription Caps?


A subscription cap is the maximum monthly amount you can spend on each subscription. All voice or data contract deals have a cap.


You can purchase a number of data or voice services as long as the sum of the subscription caps (i.e. talk limits) do not exceed your credit limit. Bundles and additional services also come out of the Subscription Cap.    


Are you running out of airtime?


You can request for a subscription cap or increase on your existing subscription cap on any TopUp or Contract plan – as long as the sum of all your subscriptions do not push you over your credit limit. Simply call customer care and request it. A quick credit vet may be required. You will be charged for the additional airtime used from your talk limit within your monthly bills. Now you won’t have to worry about running out of airtime.


How is Subscription Caps billed?


You are billed for the minimum monthly commitment amount plus the airtime you have used over and above your minimum monthly commitment.


Let’s take a look at the following example:


Thabo is on a Smartphone TopUp 99 which includes R50 airtime with a subscription cap of R500. He uses R300 for the month of March.

  • His minimum monthly airtime allocation amount is R50
  • His remaining subscription cap  is R450 (Over and above his minimum commitment)
  • He uses R300 for the month


From the R300 he used in that month – R99 is the minimum commitment amount with R250 excess usage.


This means Thabo will receive an invoice for R99 + R250 = R349. This means Thabo will pay a total of R349 for the month of March.


Thanks Thabo!