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Free SMSs - what's the deal?

If you are one of our customers on a free SMS deal, good for you! You can have up to 1 000 free SMSs, as long as:

  • You are a person, sending to another person. That means individual users only. No computer-generated SMSs and no premium rated SMSs.
  • You only use a Virgin Mobile phone to send SMSs and not a modem/SIM card, which serves as one of those bulk SMS facilities. It’s only fair.
  • You are a private person. This does not mean you’re someone who battles to share their feelings; it means you are not a business – or that you are contacting a regularly contacted group/s of persons or a social network. Come on – businesses SMSs are tax deductible anyway!
  • You are sending national SMSs. International SMSs will be charged at the normal international rates.
  • You don’t suddenly make 3 million ‘new friends’ you just have to stay in touch with. We may pay attention from time to time to see how many SMSs you are sending and if it seems a little fishy, we’re likely to investigate. If we find you’re abusing the system, the ‘free’ part of the free SMSs will be taken away. Sorry!