Why does my first bill look so high?

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For these respective services, your bill will reflect usage from the previous month but monthly commitment and value added service charges for the month ahead all with a snazzy new look and improved layout.

If you have both a deal you signed up for prior to 1 May 2013 as well as a deal you signed up for on or after 1 May 2013 then you will have instances of both arrears and advance billing.
In most cases, your first bill you receive may include: 
  • A SIM and connection fee
  • The prorated subscription for the first month of your contract.
  • The subscription for the month to come.
  • Any additional usage over and above included value in your first month of your contract (usually for Contracts with increased subscription caps)
  • Any valued added services like itemised billing or bundles loaded (first month will be charged prorated and the respective charge for the month to come) 
(Remember your subscriptions will be billed in advance for new products signed up after 01 May 2013)