Billing and Charges

Find out more about your bill and how we charge you.


How do I pay my Virgin Mobile account?




Let’s be honest. The preferred payment method for Contract accounts is by debit order, against a nominated bank account or credit card. You can also choose to make additional payments by cash or electronic funds transfer (EFT).


Payments can be made into the following account, but please remember to use your Virgin Mobile cell phone number as a reference, otherwise we will have no idea who the money comes from!


Account holder: Virgin Mobile

Bank: Nedbank

Branch: Sandton

Account Number: 1454080426

Branch Code: 145405


Reference: Your cellphone number or customer account number. You can find your customer account number on your monthly bill.


And to avoid payments bouncing – please remember to update your bank account or credit card details as soon as they change!


You can even pay your Virgin Mobile account at the till point of any outlet that accepts Easypay payments. So that’s almost anywhere…at your convenience. Don’t forget to take your statement with you.


As always, if you have any further questions or squabbles, give us a ring on  135 FREE from your Virgin Mobile cell phone and we’ll do everything we can to help.



What happens if my debit order is returned?

If this should happen, we’ll send you an SMS to notify you that the payment was returned and will ask for payment within 48 hours. 


If we haven’t received payment from you after this period, we will temporarily disconnect your service. Any calls you try and make to 135 will be rerouted to 129 Collections.


A deal’s a deal. 

Who do I call if I have account queries?

If you have any questions at all that you need cleared up, call our Customer Care team on 135 FREE from your Virgin Mobile number or 080 123 1230 from any other line.

What are the Virgin Mobile banking details?

If for some reason you need to pay us directly, you can use the details below. Please remember to include your mobile phone number as a reference, otherwise we won’t be able to tell who sent us the money! 


Account holder: Virgin Mobile
Bank: Nedbank
Branch: Sandton
Account Number: 1454080426
Branch Code: 145405
Reference: Your mobile phone number or account number



How do I change or update my credit card details?

If you’ve just got a new credit card, or your details have changed you will need to download our Credit Card Registration form.

Complete the form and send it back to with a copy of your ID (don’t worry, we won’t show anyone how silly you look in the picture) and a copy of the front of your credit card.


Our forensics ninjas will contact you shortly after that to confirm your CVV number.

Why does my first bill look so high?


For these respective services, your bill will reflect usage from the previous month but monthly commitment and value added service charges for the month ahead all with a snazzy new look and improved layout.

If you have both a deal you signed up for prior to 1 May 2013 as well as a deal you signed up for on or after 1 May 2013 then you will have instances of both arrears and advance billing.
In most cases, your first bill you receive may include: 
  • A SIM and connection fee
  • The prorated subscription for the first month of your contract.
  • The subscription for the month to come.
  • Any additional usage over and above included value in your first month of your contract (usually for Contracts with increased subscription caps)
  • Any valued added services like itemised billing or bundles loaded (first month will be charged prorated and the respective charge for the month to come) 
(Remember your subscriptions will be billed in advance for new products signed up after 01 May 2013)
I didn't receive my bill?
Don’t fret. There are many ways to get your hands on your bill.
  • You'll receive your monthly Mobi-Bill straight to your phone. 
  • Login to selfhelp to view your bill
  • Call Customer Care on 135 


How do I read my bill?

We know that invoices can be complicated, and we’re sorry – but we have to ensure we tell you everything you need to know so you know exactly what you’re paying for. It’s the Virgin way. 


View the New Bill Layout.

Are there any additional charges?


When you get your first Virgin Mobile bill – don’t panic! You will see an admin fee and starter pack charge. 


Other fees: 


Connection Fee R212
Renewal Fee R100
Sim Swap Fee (via Self Help) FREE
Existing Customer Migration from Prepaid R99


What if my phone was included in the package?


If you have a Contract or TopUp package with us, your bill will only show the make and model of your phone – with no charge attached. It’s included in your contract, so don’t worry!

Do I have to pay for itemised billing?



Depending on your Contract, itemised Billing may be Mandatory. If you have opted in for itemised billing, you will be charged a monthly fee, which depends on the option you have chosen (either email or snail mail). We will not charge you for your statement and invoice via email, but any other options may have additional charges. 


Customers who have not opted in or if it is not mandatory for that contract, you may request Itemised Billing on a once-off basis at a R49 fee.


Premium Rated Services

Premium Rated Services


 In order to comply with a new code of conduct from ICASA for the provision of premium rated services, we have made some changes to how customers can manage their subscription services. 

Please review the below FAQs and information in detail. 
1. What is PRS?
PRS is a standard term used to describe any service, that a consumer pays for through their mobile bill/airtime, which can be consumed directly from their phone. PRS tend to be priced higher than standard Voice, Data or SMS. Examples of PRS are Daily Subscription Jokes, Tips, Ringtones, and Games etc.
2. What type of PRS do customers subscribe to? 
Premium Voice Calls 
Currently, VMSA does not differentiate between local premium calls, so our customers are charged at normal local voice rates (as per their rate plans) for these calls. 
An update will be sent out when this changes. 
Premium SMS/MMS
Each premium SMS/MMS charge is dictated by the PRS provider and the full charge will be passed on to customers. 
Premium USSD
Currently, VMSA does not differentiate between Premium USSD requests and normal USSD request so all USSD requests are FREE until further notice. 
An update will be sent out when this changes. 
Premium Content Services 
Each premium content charge is dictated by the PRS provider and the full charge will be passed on to customers. 
3. How do customers view active PRS they have on their accounts?
Dial *133*1# and follow the prompts 
4. How do customers block PRS services? 
Dial *133*1# and follow the prompts
In order to protect the customer from receiving exorbitant bills, we have applied a R200 monthly limit to each PRS channel mentioned above. 
1. Is it R200 per channel or per premium rated service?
The threshold is applied on a channel basis. E.g. customers can subscribe to R200 worth of premium SMSs per month (the same with content, etc.)
2. What are the different channels available to customers?
Refer to “What type of PRS do customers subscribe to?”
3. What happens when a customer reaches this threshold?
They will receive an SMS and their PRS’s will be blocked. No additional PRS services will be provisioned or billed.
4. Can customers remove this limit, i.e. “unblock” the service?
Yes, they can dial *103#, select option 9 and then follow the prompts to unblock the service for certain channels, they will then be billed for all additional PRS content they receive after the unblocking. 
5. If a customer extends the limit and then decides mid-month that they want to stop a PRS service, can they do this?
Yes, they can dial *103# again and stop PRS services for the rest of the month. 
6. Can customers set their own monthly limit? 
No, not at this stage. Each subscriber will have a standard R200 limit per PRS channel. 
7. If a customer unblocks the limit in one month, what happens in the next month?
The R200 threshold gets reset back to R200 at the beginning of every month so if a customer would like to continue to receive premium rated services after that month’s threshold is reached then they will need to dial *103# to unblock the limit every time. 
Complaints procedure: 
1. What to do when a customer calls in to complain? 
Advise the customer to notify and file the complaint with the PRS provider prior to contacting us. 
Advise the customer to block the subscription by dialing *133*1# until the dispute is resolved. 
What are the itemised billing and statement charges?



Email Bill

Monthly Itemised Billing

Print Bill 

Once off Itemised Billing 







Total cost

Email Bill Summary






Email Bill Itemised






Once off Itemised Bill via email













Free SMSs - what's the deal?

If you are one of our customers on a free SMS deal, good for you! You can have up to 1 000 free SMSs, as long as:

  • You are a person, sending to another person. That means individual users only. No computer-generated SMSs and no premium rated SMSs.
  • You only use a Virgin Mobile phone to send SMSs and not a modem/SIM card, which serves as one of those bulk SMS facilities. It’s only fair.
  • You are a private person. This does not mean you’re someone who battles to share their feelings; it means you are not a business – or that you are contacting a regularly contacted group/s of persons or a social network. Come on – businesses SMSs are tax deductible anyway!
  • You are sending national SMSs. International SMSs will be charged at the normal international rates.
  • You don’t suddenly make 3 million ‘new friends’ you just have to stay in touch with. We may pay attention from time to time to see how many SMSs you are sending and if it seems a little fishy, we’re likely to investigate. If we find you’re abusing the system, the ‘free’ part of the free SMSs will be taken away. Sorry!



What are Subscription Caps?


A subscription cap is the maximum monthly amount you can spend on each subscription. All voice or data contract deals have a cap.


You can purchase a number of data or voice services as long as the sum of the subscription caps (i.e. talk limits) do not exceed your credit limit. Bundles and additional services also come out of the Subscription Cap.    


Are you running out of airtime?


You can request for a subscription cap or increase on your existing subscription cap on any TopUp or Contract plan – as long as the sum of all your subscriptions do not push you over your credit limit. Simply call customer care and request it. A quick credit vet may be required. You will be charged for the additional airtime used from your talk limit within your monthly bills. Now you won’t have to worry about running out of airtime.


How is Subscription Caps billed?


You are billed for the minimum monthly commitment amount plus the airtime you have used over and above your minimum monthly commitment.


Let’s take a look at the following example:


Thabo is on a Smartphone TopUp 99 which includes R50 airtime with a subscription cap of R500. He uses R300 for the month of March.

  • His minimum monthly airtime allocation amount is R50
  • His remaining subscription cap  is R450 (Over and above his minimum commitment)
  • He uses R300 for the month


From the R300 he used in that month – R99 is the minimum commitment amount with R250 excess usage.


This means Thabo will receive an invoice for R99 + R250 = R349. This means Thabo will pay a total of R349 for the month of March.


Thanks Thabo!

What is a Credit Limit?


A credit limit is the maximum amount you can spend monthly on all services including VAS bundles within your account.


When you roam internationally, we will require a deposit to ensure that your account does not go above your credit limit and we can continue to provide your service while away.


How do I upgrade?


There are two ways you can upgrade with Virgin Mobile:


1. In-Store:

Get down to any Virgin Mobile store and ask our friendly staff about renewing or upgrading your contract. You can ask them other things too, of course, but that would be up to you. They will look up your contract and let you know if you qualify for a renewal or upgrade.

Just remember to bring the following; otherwise we won't be able to help you:

  • ID Documents
  • Proof of residence for RICA (any utility bill featuring your name and address should do) only if your residential address has changed.

Please be aware that if you are eligible for an upgrade, you will need to agree to a credit vet. It’s quick and painless and lets us know that you won’t be buying into something you can’t afford.

One last thing. There is an administration fee of R100 when you upgrade in store. Once you’ve paid, you can stroll out with your shiny new phone and experience that special feeling we like to call the ‘new phone tingles’.


Click here to find your nearest store.

2. Call the Retentions Team:


If you’re one of those people who likes to stay at home in their pyjamas all day, you’ll be glad to hear you can handle your entire upgrade process over the phone. You can call our Retentions Department on 126 (free from any Virgin Mobile number) or you can call 074 1000 126 from any non-Virgin Mobile number. All you need to do is choose option 1 and you’ll go straight through to our upgrades and renewals department. Please note that business hours are Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 17:00. If you feel like leaving us a message after hours select the renewals/upgrades option with your details and we will contact you.

You may need to provide the following documents:

  • ID Documents
  • Your most recent bank statement
  • Proof of residence for RICA (any utility bill featuring your name and address should do)

Just so you know, there is an admin fee of R100 for renewals and upgrades over the phone and your phone will be couriered to you. Please remember you will need all your official documents to show the courier when your phone arrives. But please, at least put on a dressing gown!