How do I manage my messages?

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Every time you get a new voicemail message, your inbox will let you know by sending you an SMS. 

To manage your messages:

  • Dial 132 from your phone
  • To listen to your messages press 1
  • Follow the voice prompts after listening to each message


While you’re listening to messages, the following options are available to you by following the voice prompts  on your keypad:


  1. re-play message
  2. delete message
  3. save message
  4. more info (date and time of call and callers number)
  5. rewind message
  6. pause message
  7. fast forward message
  8. help

#/* return to main menu


You can also retrieve your messages from another cellphone or landline, but be aware that you will pay normal mobile rates. All you need to do is dial 084 14 and the last 9 digits of your own mobile number. Interrupt your greeting by pressing #, followed by your password and you’re in!


Psssst! We’ll tell you a great way to use this same technique to get straight through to someone else’s  voicemail . Dial the same sequence, but replace the last 9 digits of your number with the last 9 digits of their number. Listen to their greeting and leave a message – voila! You just left a voicemail message without directly calling them!


If you ever forget your voicemail password (it happens to the best of us), it can be reset to the default password on the web, or through our Sort Me Out Centre.