Basic Phone Usage

How to use the basic functions on your phone.


What is call barring?


Let’s be honest. There are some really freaky people out there. Call barring means you can stop those freaks from calling you. It’s quite handy.

To set up call barring on your phone, take a look at the GSM codes over here.


What is my barring code?


Your barring code is set at the default 1234 if it is not changed by you. Not the most original, we know, but easy to remember!


How do I set up call barring using GSM codes?


To set up call barring on your phone, take a look at the GSM codes over here

What is call waiting?


Let’s say you’re chatting on the phone to your mom and your best friend calls to tell you about a great hamburger they just ate. You don’t want to miss out on either, right? You might need to know where this hamburger could be found as well as how your aunt Mabel is doing. Never fear – call waiting is here!

Call waiting tells you there is a call coming in, while you’re already on another call. 

To set up call waiting on your phone, check out the GSM codes here.

How do I activate call waiting using GSM codes?


To set up call waiting on your phone, check out the GSM codes here.


What is call forwarding?
Call forwarding is a service that ‘sends’ calls to another number. It’s free to forward calls to your voice mailbox, but please note that it is chargeable if you forward calls to any other number.
To set up call forwarding with GSM codes, take a look here.
How do I set up call forwarding using GSM codes?


To set up call forwarding with GSM codes, take a look here.


What is call holding?


Let’s say you’re talking to your sister. She’s great, but sometimes she can waffle on a bit. Your friend calls, and you know he has some important news. 

With call holding, you can put your sister on hold and still keep the call open while you make or receive another call. 

If you time it well, she probably won’t even notice.


What are the short message codes?


We’ve got some nifty, free codes we set up to help you get all the information you need simply and quickly. 

They go a little something like this:

  • Voicemail: Dial 132 from your mobile and follow the prompts
  • Emergency services = Dial 112 from your mobile 
  • Directory enquiries = Dial 125 from your mobile 
  • Customer Care = Dial 135 from your mobile

Dial *101# for prepaid and postpaid  balance enquiry on your cellphone.

What is SMS?


SMS stands for Short Message Service, a nifty little invention that allows you to send and receive text through your phone. As a Virgin Mobile customer, your short text messages may contain up to 160 characters. 

If your cellphone is switched off or is out of range, we will store your messages on the network and they will be delivered to you as soon as possible. 

If in doubt about how to send an SMS, consult your mobile phone manual. 

What is MMS?


MMS stands for Multimedia Message Service. It allows you to send people long text messages, graphics, video clips and sound files. Basically, you can send someone a picture that says a thousand words, write out the thousands, record yourself reading out the thousand words or even take a quick video of yourself acting them out – but that’s up to you.

To find out how to send an MMS, please consult your mobile phone manual.

Contact numbers and short codes

Contact numbers and short codes


Virgin Mobile South Africa has introduced short codes in accordance with the new numbering guidelines gazetted by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA).



Voicemail retrieval


Prepaid Self-help: Recharge and balance enquiries


Customer Care


Account/Balance enquiry


What are some examples of services on MMS?


MMSs are somewhat of a blank canvas, just waiting for the right Picasso, but you can expect the following services on MMS:

  • Taking a snapshot via a camera phone and sending to a friend 
  • Receiving cartoon strips 
  • Composing your own animated picture messages and sending to friends 
  • Sending audio files 
  • Sending pictures & audio files with simultaneous playback 
  • Advertising 

Have fun!


How does MMS compare to email?
Well, to be honest, they’re quite similar but there are a few differences.
  • MMS is delivered in a more mobile-friendly way than email.
  • In fact, MMS uses email technology to make it work.
  • Some aspects of MMS are actually better than email – for example, you can control the sequence of media that someone sees, which normal email just can’t do.
What is Virgin Mobile contact number?

What is the new Virgin Mobile contact number?


The Virgin Mobile customer care number will be changing to 135 or 080 123 1230

What is WAP?


WAP is not just the sound you hear when you hit a fly with a rolled up newspaper. In cellphone land it stands for Wireless Application Protocol or Wireless Access Points. It is a standard for applications that use wireless communication.

Think of WAP as the tool that allows your cellphone to connect to the Internet and download text, sound and graphics.

The world’s mobile websites are also known as WAP-sites. There’s a fact to impress your friends with!

How do I download Virgin Mobile settings for MMS and WAP?


When that magical moment occurs when you first insert your Virgin Mobile SIM card into your phone, you will receive an SMS. That SMS will ask you whether you would like to accept the Virgin Mobile settings. If you answer YES (the right answer), your settings for MMS and WAP will be downloaded automatically and saved to your phone.

If for some reason you need to manually request MMS and WAP settings – go to the ‘Virgin Mobile’ menu, which you can find either in the main menu or the applications menu of your phone.

Select ‘Virgin Mobile’, then ‘Virgin Settings’, then reply YES when asked if you would like to download them or, dial *103*1# to download.

What is the short code for viewing/retrieving balances with Virgin Mobile?

What is the short code for viewing/retrieving balances with Virgin Mobile?

As a Virgin Mobile customer you are already familiar with dialling the USSD string *101# to view your airtime balance, this number will remain unchanged. Alternatively, you can call 135 (Prepaid & Postpad) to check your balances.

What is the connection between MMS and WAP?
There is a lot of tech-thinking going on in the background, but all you need to know is this:
  • MMSs use GPRS services to work, particularly lower level WAP transport mechanisms that are optimised for operation over the GSM radio interface.
  • MMSs also use the GPRS push mechanism to transparently notify users of receipt of new messages.
Contract & TopUp USSD Menu


  • Virgin Mobile menu *100#          
  • Settings *103#
  • Get phone settings *103*1#
  • Show me my number *103*2#
  • Change Virgin Mobile PIN *103*3#
  • Balance info after calls *103*4#
  • SIM Swap *103*5#


Manage Airtime 
  • Manage airtime *102#
  • Check balance *101#
  • Voucher recharge *102* PIN #
  • Transfer airtime *102*2#
  • Unlimited Please call me's *125*MSISDN#
  • Voice Mail *109#
Bundles *110#
  • Data bundles
  • SMS bundles
Prepaid USSD Menu


  • Virgin Mobile menu *100#
  • Settings *103#
  • Get phone settings *103*1#
  • Show me my number *103*2#
  • Change Virgin Mobile PIN *103*3#
  • Balance info after calls *103*4#


Manage airtime

  • Manage airtime *102#
  • Check balance *101#
  • Voucher recharge *102* PIN #
  • Transfer airtime *106*2#



  • Call handling *104#
  • Unlimited Please call me's *125* number #
  • Voice Mail *109#
  • Roaming call *104* number #


Bundles *110#

  • Data bundles 
  • SMS bundles 



What is voicemail?


Voicemail is FREE by dialling 132. You can think of voicemail like a futuristic answering machine. It’s there to let you know that someone has called you. You’re given a mailbox, which can keep fifteen 90-second messages at a time. We’ll keep unheard messages for seven days, so you’ve got time to give them a listen. Messages you have already listened to will be kept for two days, unless you delete them sooner.


You’ll never miss those calls from your mom that say, “Why don’t you call me any more?” ever again! 

Are the USSD self-help codes changing?

Are the USSD self-help codes changing?


The below USSD self-help codes will remain the same until further notice:

Virgin Mobile Menu


Check my balance *101#
Airtime voucher recharge *102*PIN#
My setting *103#
Recharge me *102*3#
Airtime transfer *106#
Buy bundles *110#
Please call me *125*your selected number#


How do I set up my voicemail?


It’s quite simple really:

  • Dial 132 from your Virgin Mobile cellphone.
  • You will be asked to enter the default password. Don’t panic! It’s 1234.
  • You will then be asked to change your password and you’re ready to go! 
How do I set up my voicemail greeting?
This is where you get to show your flair. Do you go with stern and businesslike, or a little more ‘out there’. It’s up to you!
  • Dial 132 from your Virgin Mobile cellphone
  • Press 8 for extended set-up settings
  • Press 1 for the greeting options menu
  • Follow the voice prompts to decide which type of greeting you like
In the greeting options menu, you will be given the following choices:
  • Personal greeting. You can record a personal greeting to let people know they have reached you, but you can’t get to the phone (or would rather not answer it). After hearing your greeting, they will be able to leave you a voice message.
  • Personalised absence greeting. This is for when you want people to know you won’t be available for an extended period of time. You’ll be asked to record an absence greeting or activate your previously recorded absence greeting. Please be aware that if you activate this function, people will not be able to leave you voice messages!
  • System greeting. This is similar to the personal greeting option except you won’t need to record a full message. You have the option to activate a standard greeting, a name tag greeting or a number greeting. If you use the name tag greeting – you will be asked to record your name, which will be inserted into a standard greeting to let people know they’ve gone through to your voicemail. If you activate the number greeting, people will simply be alerted to the number they have dialled.
  • System absence greeting. This is similar to the personalised absence greeting, except you will not be asked to record a full message. Rather, you can activate a standard system absence greeting, a name tag absence greeting or a number absence greeting.
How do I manage my messages?


Every time you get a new voicemail message, your inbox will let you know by sending you an SMS. 

To manage your messages:

  • Dial 132 from your phone
  • To listen to your messages press 1
  • Follow the voice prompts after listening to each message


While you’re listening to messages, the following options are available to you by following the voice prompts  on your keypad:


  1. re-play message
  2. delete message
  3. save message
  4. more info (date and time of call and callers number)
  5. rewind message
  6. pause message
  7. fast forward message
  8. help

#/* return to main menu


You can also retrieve your messages from another cellphone or landline, but be aware that you will pay normal mobile rates. All you need to do is dial 084 14 and the last 9 digits of your own mobile number. Interrupt your greeting by pressing #, followed by your password and you’re in!


Psssst! We’ll tell you a great way to use this same technique to get straight through to someone else’s  voicemail . Dial the same sequence, but replace the last 9 digits of your number with the last 9 digits of their number. Listen to their greeting and leave a message – voila! You just left a voicemail message without directly calling them!


If you ever forget your voicemail password (it happens to the best of us), it can be reset to the default password on the web, or through our Sort Me Out Centre.

How do I retrieve my voicemail?


It’s as easy as dialling 132 and listening to the voice prompts. You could even phone your number from a different phone and leave a message for yourself if you like. But that’s up to you.

For more information on this service, please download the Voicemail Brochure here.