Word Lens

From first-time travellers to seasoned wanderers, this nifty little app is a must-have in your travel kit! 
The Word Lens Translator app is a product from the augmented reality company, Quest Visual. The app uses the built-in cameras on your phone to scan and identify foreign text and translate this text in real time, on your phone! What’s the best part? It works without connection to the internet!
You simply hold your phone’s camera up to some text, like to a store sign for example, and watch the magic happen! The app will translate the text in real-time. 
The app can translate most European languages and is working to expand its range since Google bought the app in May earlier this year. 
Unfortunately, Word Lens doesn’t yet recognise handwriting or stylised fonts and sometimes doesn’t translate perfectly but you’ll always get the general meaning. 
So, the next time you’re planning a trip on foreign soil, don’t worry about spending fortunes on language classes! Download Word Lens for your Android phone and the world is yours!