What is a drone?


You may have heard about how Amazon’s exploring drone delivery of products or how a drone delivered beers to thirsty festival goers at OppiKoppi 2013, but have you wondered what this drone thing is? 

We’re going to break it down for you!
The technical term for drones is “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” and they’re basically flying robots. Some drones are controlled by remote control and others, by complex software on the ground that works in conjunction with a GPS system. 
These cool little flying robots come in many shapes and sizes and most are fitted with brilliant cameras. Some have fixed-wings and others fly much like mini helicopters. 
Drones were initially invented for military purposes; for surveillance and to fly into places that were too risky to send human beings. Thanks to a mix of physics and human ingenuity, we have a really cool invention with the potential to change our lives. 
Drones could also be used for farming. By flying high in the air and taking pictures, the drone might pick something up that a farmer couldn’t see by walking through the field. Drones could also be used to find missing people or objects. 
The reason we don’t see too many drones around is because most areas around the world have restrictions on them. While we eagerly await our drone delivery system, we’re still going to have to get our deliveries the old-school way. 
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