Smart Chopsticks.


How cool would it be to have eating utensils that would tell you if your food was contaminated before you even put it in your mouth? 

The good news is we’re well on our way to having them!

Robin Li, from a China-based company called Baidu unveiled a set of smart chopsticks at the company’s annual technology conference. 

These battery-powered smart utensils have sensors that can measure a meal’s acidity and saltiness and also, for example, test the condition of the cooking oil used to prepare it. 

We don’t even need to go into the health benefits of an innovation like this. You’d never get sick from food again!

What will they think of next? Maybe a fork that lights up when your food is too hot or a knife that heats up for easy butter spreading. Maybe even a spoon that beeps to let you know you’ve had enough of that yummy dessert!

While smart utensils might be a little while away, smartphones are here and now! Check out our range of smartphones, fit for the tech savvy ;)