Money Wise

Cheque or savings? This is probably the most frequently asked question you get whenever you step out of your house to buy something. But…where’s the ‘spendings’ option? 
It’s no question that saving money and spending wisely is not an easy thing to do! So, it’s a good thing there’s an app for that. 
Expense Manager, available for Android on the Google Play Store, is designed for those who love a little too much retail therapy. 
This app is a great expense and budget tool and has some pretty cool features. You can schedule payments, keep your receipts and it even has a tax calculator. You can also schedule notifications to remind yourself when your payments are due and the app will automatically back up your files to a drive of your choice. 
What’s the best part? The app is free! So, there are no excuses for getting money wise and start saving for that well-deserved holiday. 
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