Kado Gift Finder


Sick of trying to find the perfect gift for someone as you trek through hundreds of stores? Then this holiday, you should get your hands on the latest gifting app, called Kado

Kado is an awesome gift assistant which helps you pick the perfect present. By typing in a person’s gender, age and interests, Kado will generate a wish list of gifts from which you can choose. You can specify price limits and even add in the type of occasion it is. With over 900 gifts on the Kado system (and with no reference to particular brands), Kado is the key to simplifying your gift-buying this festive season! 

Once your results have loaded, you can highlight your favourite gifts and even share these lists with friends! So this season, with the Kado on board, there’s no excuse for buying anybody stripey socks or soap-on-a-rope. Originality, quality and affordability are just a click away. Your friends and family will love you for it. Happy shopping!