What does your ringtone say about you?

What does your ringtone say about you?

From the iconic monophonic Nokia tune to the latest Lady Gag hit, everyone’s phone has a ring to it. But what does your phone’s ringtone say about you? 

With the advent of polyphonic and truetone rings, your mobile phone is an extension of your personality and a great way of expressing yourself. 
Social research has shown that you subconsciously pass judgement on a person based on their ringtone. Some found that having a standard ringtone is uncool, recording your own voice as a ringtone makes you seem self-obsessed and changing your ringtone regularly can make you seem flaky and even unreliable. 
If your ringtone is still playing Christmas tunes in May then some might presume you’re not overly productive. Even leaving your phone on vibrate or silent can indicate that you’re too important to be taking calls right now. 
If your ringtone is young and hip but you’re a little past your sell-by date, this might say that you try too hard and, if you let your phone ring the tune of Niki Manaj’s Anaconda…well, you get the idea. 
So keep in mind that anyone within earshot of your ringing phone is probably assumptions about you. 
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