History of the Smiley Face.

Smiley face

We’re all familiar with the big round yellow ball with a cute little black smiley face on it. We’ve seen it on T-shirts and record albums, stickers and button badges. This international iconic symbol secured its place in pop culture during the 1970’s and has been encouraging smiles on faces ever since. But, who knew this yellow symbol of happiness would make a comeback during the internet revolution?

This neat little coupling of a colon and bracket didn’t just come out of thin air. Here’s a little history lesson on one of the most iconic symbols of our time. 
There’s no clear date as to exactly when the first smiley face was used online but it’s widely accepted that research professor, Scott Fahlman, got the online smiley craze started way back in 1982! Scott worked at the department of computer science at the Carnegie Mellon University in the USA.  
Scott proposed that when anyone posted something funny on the online message board at the university, it should be acknowledged with “: - )”, and for more serious posts, “: - (” should be used. 
Today we find emoticons super useful to set the tone of the messages we send every day. It can be difficult to get your message across in plain text, but with the wide variety of accepted emoticons we’ve come to know and love, there is no excuse for being misunderstood ;) 
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