Giving to others

Giving to others

Have you ever heard the saying: “Giving is better than receiving”? What this means, is that when you show someone else generosity, goodwill and compassion, the feeling of satisfaction you receive from knowing you’ve helped them is often more satisfying than if you were the one actually receiving the gift yourself.

Around this time of year, during the season of giving, it’s important to remember this simple truth. People are so often consumed with chasing ‘things’, such as new clothing or the latest gadgets, that they forget the whole meaning behind giving gifts in the first place – to show someone you’ve thought about them, and that you care. 

There’s something that happens within a person when they give to another. It is human nature to want to help others, and it is at the basis of all successful relationships and friendships. When two people have each other’s best interests at heart, it enhances appreciation and love, and makes it easier for one to overlook and forgive mistakes. Your connection is made stronger, and your life is enriched knowing you’ve got someone on your side. And what better gift could there be, than that?

We’ve discovered an app called “Opening Your Heart” which is available for your Android phone or via Google Play. This app teaches you tips on how to help yourself by helping others. You’ll learn how to give of your time to people in your community, in a way that will enrich your own life. Watch your thoughts and values change as you give to others. Download it here