Breaking Bad Habits

From biting your nails to drinking too much coffee, we all have those nasty little habits that we just can’t seem to shake off. Whether they annoy the people you love or it’s simply something you’d like to change about yourself, we’re going to break it down into three simple steps to help you kick those bad habits. 
Step one | Be aware 
The best start is to figure out the ‘why’ and ‘when’ behind your habit. Think about what circumstances you’re in and what feelings you have when you bite your nails. Being aware of those moments you find yourself indulging in your bad habit will help you to isolate the reason behind your habit. This will help you to put a stop to that behaviour. 
Step two | Write it down
Writing down the feelings you have when you bite your nails will help you to make the bad habit more conscious. Keeping a log-book of your habit is a great way to monitor this habit. Write down every time you bite your nails for one week to help you measure your behaviour. It’s also a great idea to write down the pro’s and con’s of your habit for that extra bit of motivation. 
Step three | Find and Replace
Once you have your bad habit figured out and you understand why and when you’re doing it, the next step is to find a healthy habit with which to replace the bad one. For example, every time you get the urge to bite your nails, grab a glass of water or chew some gum instead. If you crack your knuckles when you’re stressed, try drawing a doodle or stroking the fabric on your sleeve. 
So there you have it; even the hardiest habits can be broken with a little determination and conscious thought. 
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