10 Easy Activities Proven to Make You Happier Today


We all think that happiness is the ultimate destination. Turns out, it’s the journey that counts. 

Here are 10 legit tips to help you enjoy the ride. 

1. It could have been worse.  

Mentally subtract the positives.  Think about the great things that you’ve got at hand: A lover, a good friend, family, that cash you got on a gift card from your aunt. When you imagine life without all its goodness, you’ll find you’re yourself feeling #blessed that you have what you have. 

2. I’m so grateful.

It’s one thing to think about how grateful you are. It’s another to express it. Pick up your phone and text your mate, or give your partner a call.  Letting people know how truly grateful you are and what they’ve done for you is going to make you feel like a winner. And they’re likely to return the sentiment.  

3. Presents make everyone happy.

And that includes you. There’s something about being good to people that makes you feel good.  It’s a rare quality, so if you can do it, do it well, and you’ll soon find yourself in amongst those humans we call legends.  Gift-giving cements relationships and shows someone that you think of them, and care for them. 

4. Music is good for the soul.

It’s been proven that music influences our mood.  Choose a power song and pump it up whenever you need a boost.  Set it as a ringtone if you want a little reminder throughout the day. 

5. Make a plan. 

Thing about what you want and write it down. Then make it happen. When you achieve goals (big or small), you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment – it’s all about the small victories.  Take note of those little victories throughout the day, and give yourself a high-five.  You did good!

6. Hang-out with friends.

Studies have shown that just calling your friends back makes friendships more likely to survive. 

Take that opportunity to set up an awesome day out.  Whether it’s going for coffee, or seeing a movie, or just taking the time to chill with your friends at your house. Your hangout will pay off in good vibes. 

7. Get some exercise.

When you’re feeling jaded, exercise can be the last thing you want to do. But it’s better to pack away your potato chips and get moving.  Studies have shown that exercise releases proteins and endorphins that help you relax, increase brain power, and improve your body image.   

Ain’t nothing, do you’re thang. 

8. 3 good things.

List 3 good things that you experience each and every day.  Whether that’s during lunch, or just before you go to bed.  After some time you’ll find that there are more than 3 things that come to mind. 

9. Focus on your strengths.

When you’re good at something, you know it and other people know it. Play into those strengths as often as you can. You’ll feel rewarded and engaged.  Give it a try. You can only move from strength to strength. 

10. Day dreaming is underrated. 

We’re not saying you should spend your day imaging you’re a unicorn, but a minute here and there thinking about lovely things can really help you feel relaxed and optimistic.  Instead of letting your mind wander into the past or towards your stressful topics, take some time for a little daydream. Think of it as a private holiday. 


Ultimately, happy people accomplish more. And feel more accomplished.