Yaqeen Turton | Shared Wealth SA

Yaqeen Turton

Yaqeen Turton is an entrepreneur with a powerful vision – to help empower the youth of today through skills development and social upliftment. Turton established Shared Wealth SA, which is a registered Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organisation, after seven years of researching the youth of South Africa.

This driven individual is passionate about improving the lives of those from underprivileged communities, and aims to positively impact the lives of 45 000 people through Shared Wealth SA’s two life-changing programmes. Their Career Development Programme aims to help young people prepare for employment via goal-setting, decision-making and related subjects, and their Graduate Placement Programme offers guidance and access to available positions. 

Turton is grateful to the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship for the platform and networking opportunities he’s been provided with – it’s helped him further explore his business, and understand the role he plays within it. Through mentorship and guidance from industry experts, Turton plans to grow his business even further.  To quote Shared Wealth SA’s motto, the potential is “Infinite…the way learning should be.”