Sizwe Zim is one fiery Branson Centre entrepreneur! His passion for story telling inspired his entrepreneurial journey in starting his own business; Beatroot Productions. Beatroot Productions is a concept driven, media solutions company that tells brand stories through photography and videography. 

Inspiration is a key driving force for Sizwe and starting his own business meant that he could inspire people while being able to put food on his plate. 
Sizwe says his greatest achievement so far has been through the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship. “Through the Branson Centre’s initiatives to open doors to networks, I got an opportunity to meet the UK High Commission. As a result, I managed to secure a deal with my first international client.” 
Sizwe says his biggest inspiration is Steve Jobs “… a custodian of Think Different” and his vision for the future involves feature film production of African tribal stories.
The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship has given Sizwe the opportunity to meet many industry game changers and has made him more confident in business. He says “Working on your business is probably more important than working in your business”. This is one of the most important things he learned during his time at the Branson Centre. 
Sizwe’s advice to building entrepreneurs is “Be relentless in your dream chase. Nothing should be more important than your dream. Nothing. With consistent work nothing is impossible. In the process, always inspire others.”
So there you have it; inspire always, work hard and don’t give up on your dreams! We can’t wait to see what Sizwe Zim has in store for us in the future.