Miles Kubheka | Vuyo's

Miles Kubheka

With Miles Kubheka, it’s all about dreaming “beeg”. This savvy entrepreneur owns Vuyo’s, the only fast casual South African cuisine restaurant franchise in South Africa. Miles was inspired by a fictional character from a Hansa Pilsenser TV commercial, which told the story of Vuyo, “the beeg, beeg dreamer”. This character Vuyo, who started off selling fast food from mobile vending units, ended up becoming a world famous yacht owner. 

After watching these commercials, Miles had what you would call an “aha moment”. He realized that this had the potential to be a very successful business model, and he sought out creating Vuyo’s restaurant himself. It really is a case of life imitating art! In addition to providing the public with delicious, South African-inspired cuisine, Vuyo’s provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the opportunity to empower themselves by owning their own Vuyo’s mobile vending unit.

The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship has guided Miles greatly – he’s focused on his strategy and has been introduced to influential business leaders and mentors. From here, the only way for Miles is up – on to beeger and better things.