Kenneth Collett | South African Murder Mysteries


Kenneth Collett is one of those rare individuals who’ve achieved the ultimate career goal – he followed his passion, and it paid off. As the founder of South African Murder Mysteries, Kenneth gets to entertain and develop people by posing one intriguing question: who done it?

But first, how did Kenneth get here? Well, it started all the way back in high school when he’d perform magic shows to earn extra money. The entertainment bug bit, and Kenneth was hooked. But straight after high school, as it so often happens, ‘sensible’ choices got in the way of his dreams and he found himself studying finance while working in an office. It didn’t take long for him to remember what really excited him – entertaining others – so he decided to take the leap and create a business out of it. 

South African Murder Mysteries creates events where you get to dress up and play a suspiciously fun character, acting out stories that are interesting to each group. It’s an exciting way to encourage teambuilding and interaction among partygoers.

The most exciting part of the business for Kenneth is that it’s sustainable. After sorting out product development, cash flow and staff management, the next step is to achieve further growth. That’s where the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship comes in.

The knowledge and guidance that the Centre’s given Kenneth has been invaluable, and the greatest lesson he’s learned is that: “Entrepreneurs love to make assumptions. Don’t do it… Don’t assume you know who your competitors are, don’t guess at what price your product should be. You are not your customer. Do your homework.” 

Kenneth has done his homework. And he’s reaping the rewards.