Glad Mabele | Bala Book Creations

Glad Mabele’s story of success started in his grandmother’s dining room. Armed with a family photo album that was falling apart, he set forth creating a scrapbook of memories. With just his home PC, a small printer, guillotine and binding glue, Bala Book Creations was born.

With his new scrapbook to use as a sample, he decided to approach four Model C schools, and three principals gave him the chance to sell his idea to the parents. His proactivity certainly paid off – he sold 100 books that year.
Fast forward to today, and Bala Book Creations is a publishing company which specializes in capturing unforgettable moments in people’s lives. Clients walk away with beautifully designed coffee-table storybooks (Story Albooks™), which immortalize their most magical memories. The merging of both images and biographies sets Bala Book Creations apart from the rest, and has put Mabele firmly on the publishing path.
As with many great stories, it can often seem as if success occurred overnight. As Mabele will attest, this was not the case – hard work and self-belief propelled him forward. These are characteristics that he holds essential for any aspiring entrepreneur: “Starting your business is not going to be easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it. Believe that you’ve got what it takes…”
And he’s certainly got it. The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship has helped him create a comprehensive business plan, and schooled him in aspects of marketing and cash flow. It’s taught him that partnering with other entrepreneurs who share the same ideas as him, is the best leverage yet. So the way forward from here? Up.