Q: Can I use the credit towards my new 24 month contract?

A: Yes, the VMSA Trade-It value can be linked to any deals or used over a period of months. The value is transferred once off into the customer’s new or existing Virgin Mobile account.  
Q: What if I trade in my device to buy a new device, only to find out that the new device is not in stock. Can I get my phone back? 
A: No. It’s important to ask about the stock availability of the new device you’re purchasing. We advise that you provide for a backup phone, or alternatively first complete the transaction of ordering your new device, before trading your existing phone.  
Q: I have received a discount for R1000 on my trade in. Can I split the discount by using it at different times?
A: No. It’s important to remember that the discount must be used in full and cannot be split.
Q: I’ve traded in my phone, but the credit is not reflecting on my account yet?
A: Depending on when the monthly billing date on your account is, it is possible for the VMSA Trade-It value to only reflect on your statement the following month. 
Q: My phone is not working; can I still trade it in?
A: Yes, you can still trade it in, although the price you get for it will be much lower than that of a phone in working condition.
Q: What if I recently received a new phone on contract, but I’m not happy with the phone. Can I trade it in?
A: Yes you can trade it in, but the trade in value will not be the same as the price of a brand new device. The VMSA Trade-It value is not based on the age of the device, but simply whether the device is in a working condition or not. 
Q: I booked my phone in for repairs, and I don’t have insurance. The quote to repair my phone is not worth my while. Can I trade in my phone?
A: Yes you may. If you’d rather not pay for your phone to be fixed, ask the champ for a VMSA Trade-It quote.