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Tired of traffic? This app can help.

Most of us deal with traffic – daily.  No one has ever said, “I love sitting in traffic”.   It’s awful. But no stress, we’ve got your tech-savvy solution. It’s Waze. 
So what exactly is Waze?  Waze is a social based GPS system for smartphones.  Users upload their preferred back-routes, and Waze collects this data and makes it available to you when you need it most. Thanks to Waze, you can say that you’ve got 99 problems but traffic ain’t one. 
Waze was awarded Best Overall Mobile App at the 2013 Mobile World Congress, beating the likes of Dropbox and Flipboard.  Even better, Waze supports android and blackberry, making it super accessible.  
Download it via The Google Play Store and you’ll never sit idling again.
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