What are our Prepaid rates?

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1. What are the prepaid rates?

Virgin Mobile has the perfect prepaid deal for you! This is the default rate plan for all new prepaid SIM packs:
  • Vrgin-to-Virgin: R1.00 per second billing
  • Virgin-to-Other: R1.00 per second billing
  • Data: 50c per MB.
  • SMS:50c per message.
  • MMS: 75c per message
  • International SMS: R1.60 per message

2. What benefits do I get on this prepaid plan?

A preloaded amount of value when you activate a new Virgin Mobile SIM card as well as FREE V2V calls on every recharge for up to 30 days!


3. What will I be charged for international calls?

 International call rates can be viewed here.


4. If I activate a new Virgin Mobile SIM card, what do I get?

An inclusive value of 10 MBs of data and 10 Virgin to Virgin (“V2V”) minutes.

5. How long is the preload valid for?

21 days from the date of activation.

6. What happens to the preload if I do not use it before its expiry?

All data and V2V voice minutes will be forfeited.

7. What do I get every time I recharge?

FREE Virgin Mobile to Virgin Mobile calls.

8. Are there FREE calls on every recharge?

Yes, every time you recharge with a minimum of R10 or more. You may use the FREE V2V calls for a certain amount of time, see more details here 

**NOTE that this recharge bonus validity is not the same amount of time that you have the airtime for. Airtime will not expire for as long as you keep using your SIM. 


9. Are the FREE calls valid for calls to other networks?

No, only for calls to other Virgin Mobile customers.

11. Where can I view how much longer I still have to use my FREE V2V calls?

Via USSD balance enquiry, *101#

10. What if I recharge with a variable amount?

You may recharge with a variable amount (an amount other than the ones stipulated above) and you will still get FREE calls. The validity period will be the same as the recharge value below the variable amount.

12. When do I get this R20 bonus airtime?

After 90 days as an awesome Virgin Mobile customer, we’ll drop R20 bonus airtime onto you prepaid account for you to enjoy - just because we can, so be sure to stick around.


13. Do I have to recharge with a minimum value to receive this bonus airtime?

Yes, simply recharge with a minimum of R10 during the 90 days to qualify for the bonus value.

14. How long is the bonus airtime valid for?

The bonus airtime is valid for 30 days from the time is it loaded onto your account. Any unused airtime will be forfeited. 

15. What can I use the bonus airtime for?

This bonus airtime may be used for local calls, SMSs, MMSs and data usage. It may not be used for international calls, roaming, airtime transfer or to buy bundles.

16. If I activated before 12 July 2017. What will happen to my prepaid plan?

If you activated before the 12 July 2017, you will automatically be converted to the new prepaid plan. Any bonus value received before the cut over will remain on your account until it is used or expires.

17. How many FREE V2V minutes do I get?

500 V2V minutes per day (See Terms & Conditions for more information)

18. How many unique Virgin Mobile numbers can I originate calls to?

15 unique numbers per day (See Terms & Conditions for more information). 

19. What happens if I exceed the 500 min per day or if I call more than 15 unique numbers?

You will charged for calls outside of these thresholds at our standard voice rate of R1.00.

20.How long may I stay on one call for?

The duration of any given call may not exceed 60 minutes, and will therefore be cut after the 60th minute. However, you may drop the call and dial the number again.