Rates and Bundles

More on Contract and Prepaid rates, as well as Data & SMS bundles.


How to buy Data and SMS bundles?

Logon to the My Virgin Mobile App, dial *110# or call customer service on 123 to buy bundles. Bundles can be purchased on a once-off or recurring basis.


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How do Data and SMS bundles work?
  • Dial *110#, login to our web self-care or download our My Virgin Mobile App for FREE  to activate and remove  bundles. Bundles can be purchased on a once-off or recurring basis.
  • If you are a TopUp customer you must load additional airtime over and above your inclusive airtime on your account before you purchase bundles.
  •  If you are a Contract customer you can purchase bundles from your subscription cap. 
  • Your bundle is effective from the purchase date and each bundle has a specific validity period. 
  • Unused bundles shall be forfeited at the end of the respective validity period.
  • If a recurring bundle is selected all bundles are applied upon expiry.  Therefore the new bundle is effective the day after the expiry of the last bundle and is automatically applied. You must have sufficient funds in your balance to make this purchase upon expiry.
  • If you are on Prepaid and you do not have sufficient airtime to purchase the new recurring bundle by the end of the first day, you will be notified that the recurring bundle has been unsuccessfully loaded.  You will revert to the last price plan selected and you will have to opt in for a once-off or recurring bundle again.
  • If you consume your bundle prior to expiry: 
  • You must have sufficient airtime to continue on the out of bundle rate AND you can purchase additional once-off bundles
  • Out-of-bundle rates for all bundles will be charged as per your last price plan selected.
  • If there is more than one type of bundle loaded on your account, the bundle loaded first will be depleted first.
What are our Prepaid rates?
Virgin Mobile has the perfect prepaid deal for you! This is the default rate plan for all new prepaid SIM packs:
  • Vrgin-to-Virgin: 99c per second billing
  • Virgin-to-Other: 99c per second billing
  • Data: 99c per MB.
  • SMS:50c per message.
  • MMS: 75c per message
  • International SMS: R1.50 per message

On Virgin Mobile prepaid we get your style with My Bonus, Group Bonus and Bonus Sundays! Read more about each of these below. 




Get Bonus Data (MBs), SMSs or minutes to any network on EVERY airtime recharge.


  • Choose between data bonuses (MB’s), local SMS bonuses or minutes to any network. Choose your bonus by dialling *108# or logging onto our web portal.
  • You may change your bonus once every 30 days via USSD *108# and/or our Web portal.
  • Bonuses cannot be transferred.
  • Bonuses are effective from the date the recharge voucher is loaded.
  • Your bonus MBs, SMSs or minutes will be used first, before your airtime and/or data/SMS bundle. 
  • Bonuses have a specific expiry dependent on the voucher recharge; please use it before it expires.
  • Dial *101# to check your bonus balance. 

View voucher bonus and expiry here




Recharge with R20 or more and get FREE SMS, DATA or minutes for you and FREE DATA for your friends! 


  • Group bonus recharges on EVERY recharge of R20 and above.
  • You get to qualify for individual bonuses as well as qualify for group bonuses
  • When you recharge, you will be given an option to choose your bonus-SMS, MBs or minutes (once monthly as per above). Your group members will get MBs bonus only. 
  • A group must have a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4 people (incl the group admin), however, you can belong to more than 1 group but can only be a group admin for 1.
  • Toadd/remove group members, log on to our web portal.
  • Group bonus is effective from the time it’s placed on your account and expires after 24hrs..
  • Free bonuses will always deplete before paid for usage.
  • Individual and group bonuses cannot be transferred from group member to group member. The individual that receives the bonus can only use them in their own capacity.

View voucher group bonus and expiry here




Get FREE AIRTIME on Sundays, every time you recharge. 


When you recharge in the week (Sunday to Saturday), you get 20% of that airtime back on a Sunday to use for FREE!  This airtime can be used for voice calls, data or SMSs. 


  • The Sunday bonus will only be valid for 24HRS.  This means that it will become available to you at 00.00 on Saturday evening and is valid until 00.00 Sunday evening. 
  • You qualify for this bonus every weekend when/if you recharge within that week.
  • Free bonus will always deplete before paid for usage.
  • The bonus airtime on a Sunday cannot be used to purchase data, SMS bundles or to transfer airtime.
  • The order of bonus rewards will deplete as follows: 
  1. Bonus Sundays / 3rd or 6th recharge bonus 
  2. Group Bonus
  3. My Bonus
  4. Data/SMS bundles

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What are Postpaid rates?


We really like to keep things simple! We have applied the exact same postpaid rates across all our Contract and TopUp deals.

  • Virgin-to-all: R1,75 per minute (per min billing)
  • Virgin-to Other SMS: 75c 
  • Virgin-to-Virgin SMS: 50c
  • Data: 99c per MB.
  • MMS: 75c 
  • International SMS: R1.50