How do I apply for International Roaming rights?


If you’re on your way out of the country, we’re sure you’ll want to use your cellphone. How else will you tell your friends how much fun you’re having?


Only Postpaid customers may apply for the International Roaming service. To apply for International Roaming, contact our Call Centre on 135 (Free from any Virgin Mobile number) or call 080 123 1230 from any other number.


When applying for International Roaming, there is an International roaming deposit of R2 500, which may be refundable 60 days after deactivating the IR service. The money may also be used towards your monthly contract instalments. Further note that it can take up to 3 months for the roaming charges to be billed to your account.


Please make sure you contact us with enough lead-time so we can ensure everything is working before you jet off and enjoy your holiday! We know how stressful travel can be, and having a cell phone that doesn’t work is the last thing you need. 


As with all things Virgin, when in doubt – talk to us. If you have any questions, ring up our Customer Care and we’ll get to the bottom of it.