How do I use 3G and GPRS ?

With a 3G or GPRS compatible phone, you can connect to the Internet  with just one click and browse Internet  sites adapted for mobile phone technology or WAP. 
For complete access to the Internet  via 3G or GPRS you will need:
A compatible device:
  • A notebook, PC, 3G or GPRS compatible phone, modem, router or MiFi device
  • The phone and PC may be connected by a cable, infrared port or Bluetooth
  • There are also external 3G and GPRS modems, routers or MiFi devices which can be connected to your computer via USB ports 
A Virgin Mobile SIM card with the following criteria:
  • An active SIM card (You will know this because a chargeable phone call has been made)
  • A positive airtime balance (Money in the bank)
  • No barring (RICA or otherwise)