How do I activate my Blackberry Internet Service on Contract?


You have two options to choose from:


  1. Get your current SIM card Blackberry® enabled by scanning your SIM card at any of our flagship stores. The store consultant will then activate your service. Don’t forget your ID or driver’s license.
  2. Get a prepaid 99er SIM card at any valid retail store, call our call centre on 123 from your mobile or 0741 000 123 from any other phone, and provide us with the new SIM card number. Your BlackBerry® Internet Service will be activated within 24 hours after providing us with your new SIM card number.
We charge various fees for the different BlackBerry® options: 
  • Full BlackBerry® Internet Service on contract is charged at R59 per month.  
  • Any BlackBerry® Contract worth R399 upwards can upgrade to full BlackBerry® Internet Service at no additional cost. 
  • BlackBerry® Contracts with the BlackBerry® Social & Email plan may upgrade to full BlackBerry® Internet Service for R30 extra per month.
  • Take note that a Fair usage policy applies.