Why would I want Mobile Number Portability?


MNP means you can join the rebels without changing your number. We had to resort to guerrilla tactics when we came to South Africa in order to spark an uprising – and we won! You can now take your number wherever you want!


If you PORT – you will never miss an important call because your number will not change. You won’t need to try and tell every single person you know that you have a new number and most of all – you won’t need to memorise a new one!


To get through the jargon (it’s not too bad, promise) let’s explain the difference between PORTING-IN and PORTING-OUT.


If you PORT-IN to Virgin Mobile, you are saying goodbye to your previous service provider and joining us, bringing your shiny, golden mobile number with you.


If you PORT-OUT, you are leaving us (which makes us incredibly sad) and taking your shiny, golden mobile number with you. 


For everything you want to know about porting, download our Porting Guide.