To port, all you need to do is download the “Port Me” form and return it to to kick-start the process.



  1. Buy a new Virgin Mobile SIM card and have it RICA’d
  2. Do not insert the new SIM in your phone just yet. Find the PUK number and the unique SIM number (ICCID) at the back of the SIM card and keep it close.
  3. From your old SIM, SMS the SIM number (ICCID) and the PUK number to 30946, it’s FREE. Use a # to separate the two numbers and don’t leave any spaces in-between. E.g. SIM number#PUK
  4. A confirmation SMS will be sent to your old number confirming the port to Virgin Mobile. If no response is received, then the port process will proceed.
  5. Within 24 hours insert the Virgin Mobile SIM into your phone and VIOLA, you can use your new Virgin Mobile like a Rockstar! 


It's that easy!



For everything you want to know about porting, download our Porting Guide. or Call 0801231230 should you need help.