How do I set up my voicemail greeting?

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This is where you get to show your flair. Do you go with stern and businesslike, or a little more ‘out there’. It’s up to you!
  • Dial 132 from your Virgin Mobile cellphone
  • Press 8 for extended set-up settings
  • Press 1 for the greeting options menu
  • Follow the voice prompts to decide which type of greeting you like
In the greeting options menu, you will be given the following choices:
  • Personal greeting. You can record a personal greeting to let people know they have reached you, but you can’t get to the phone (or would rather not answer it). After hearing your greeting, they will be able to leave you a voice message.
  • Personalised absence greeting. This is for when you want people to know you won’t be available for an extended period of time. You’ll be asked to record an absence greeting or activate your previously recorded absence greeting. Please be aware that if you activate this function, people will not be able to leave you voice messages!
  • System greeting. This is similar to the personal greeting option except you won’t need to record a full message. You have the option to activate a standard greeting, a name tag greeting or a number greeting. If you use the name tag greeting – you will be asked to record your name, which will be inserted into a standard greeting to let people know they’ve gone through to your voicemail. If you activate the number greeting, people will simply be alerted to the number they have dialled.
  • System absence greeting. This is similar to the personalised absence greeting, except you will not be asked to record a full message. Rather, you can activate a standard system absence greeting, a name tag absence greeting or a number absence greeting.