Airtime and Topping Up

Make sure you're always a call away.


How much do you have to say?

Airtime vouchers are available in R5, R10, R15, R25, R35, R50, R80, R99, R120, R180, R300 and R500.

How does Airtime Transfer work?


  • Airtime transfer is FREE.
  • Any Virgin Mobile customer can transfer airtime from your mobile to another Virgin Mobile number. 
  • Check that you have available airtime balance in order to transfer. 
  • Airtime transfers cannot be reversed once it’s sent. Make sure that the number and amount is entered correctly. 
  • Airtime transfer service is inactive when roaming internationally.
  • Airtime transfers on Contract will be charged to the main account (and is not a part of your included value), you may only transfer up until your subscription cap allows you to.
  • Airtime transfers on TopUp and Prepaid excludes inclusive or bonus airtime received monthly. You can only transfer airtime loaded from a voucher.
How much airtime can I transfer?


Airtime transfer must be between R5 and R1000 and can be sent in R1 increments.

How to Transfer Airtime?
  • Dial *106# from your mobile phone for once-off airtime transfers, or call 123.  Prepaid customers are already provisioned to make use of the airtime transfer service. Lucky fish. 
  • You can alternatively transfer airtime via the web: 
  1. Go to My Account on our website and register your details.  
  2. Find Manage my airtime 
  3. Go to My Contact List and upload a list of cell phone numbers, so you don’t have to re-enter the number every time you make a transfer. Nifty hey?
  • You and the recipient will receive an SMS confirming that the airtime has been sent and loaded. 
  • You get one FREE “Recharge me” request per day. Dial *104*5#. This is a Free and convenient service that allows you to send a SMS to another Virgin Mobile customer asking them to transfer airtime to you when you inconveniently run out.
Airtime Carried Forward


ACF is short for Airtime Carried Forward – and it’s something we think is pretty awesome. ACF is any unused commitment (or airtime you haven’t used from previous months) that you accumulate over time. It includes bonus airtime.


On Top Up contracts as well as BYO you can accumulate airtime from previous months up to a maximum of three 3 times your monthly commitment (also referred to as your monthly subscription). Pretty cool, right?


What happens to any airtime top ups I do?



Airtime top ups will not count towards your unused airtime. You will not lose this airtime however; normal voucher airtime windows (the period your voucher is valid for) will still apply.


If you are on Postpaid, any airtime top ups will be seen as a payment against your bill. Anything left over will be carried over to the next month.


How long do I have to use my airtime in Rand value before I lose it?

If you are on Contract:

No matter what, your airtime will only expire after you have accumulated 3 times your monthly airtime allowance. It could take 3 months or it could take 2 years – until then you can do with it as you please! 

As long as your unused airtime does not exceed the Rand value of up to 3 times your airtime commitment/subscription you are free to go!

You do the math!


If you are on Prepaid:

Your Airtime has a validity period according to the amount you recharge with.

If your Airtime is not used within this validity period it will be "locked" until you recharge again and then the latest recharge value's Validity period will apply.

See all validity periods here


Is there any way I can get my Rand value back if I lose it? I didn't know it would expire!

Unfortunately not! Once you’ve exceeded a maximum of three months, you can’t get it back. So it’s important to use up your airtime!

Call your mother. She worries.

How do I check my ACF balance?

Call our Customer Care Centre on 123 FREE from your Virgin Mobile cellphone to find out what your ACF balance is – they’ll sort you out in no time. 

You can also call 0741 000 123 from any other phone, but remember that normal rates will apply.

How do I Top Up (recharge) my phone?


At Virgin Mobile, we know how frustrating it can be to run out of airtime. That’s why we’ve done everything we can to make topping up as easy as possible. With 4 ways to stay connected, you will always be in touch!


You can pop by any one of our Virgin Mobile stores.


You can top up using your cell phone or online banking, or at any ATM.


You can add it to your shopping list. 

  • You can add Virgin Mobile airtime to your shopping list at the following stores: Nashua Mobile, Altech Autopage Cellular, Clicks, CNA, Dis-Chem Pharmacies, Edgars, Jet, Jetmart, Legit, Mr Price, Pep Stores, Pick ‘n Pay, Shoprite Checkers, Spar, Woolworths and Ster Kinekor.
  •  You can also buy airtime at the following banks: Absa, FNB, Nedbank and Standard Bank.
  •  If you’re filling up with petrol, you can fill up with airtime too at any of these service stations: BP, Caltex, Engen, Total, Sasol or Shell.

Airtime vouchers are available in R5, R10, R15, R25, R35, R50, R80, R99, R120, R180, R300 and R500.

What happens to my airtime when I move to prepaid?


When you wave goodbye to your contract, you don't immediately lose your airtime.


However, any airtime carried forward will be removed upon cancellation and all unused airtime you receive in the current month will be removed after 30 days from cancellation.


Any included SMSs and Data will be removed immediately from the effective date of cancellation.