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Online Recharge Promotion

Online Recharge Promotion Overview

VMSA will launch an online recharge promotion for prepaid and postpaid customers by offering them bonus data with every airtime purchase via our website.


What does this mean? Customers can buy airtime online and they’ll get bonus data for free, zero, zilch, nothing! Awesome hey! 

How much bonus data is given away?

Bonus data will be equivalent to the standard recharge denomination values.

  • E.g. Recharge with R10 and get 10 MBs.
  • E.g. Recharge with R100 and get 100 MBs

If a customer recharges with a variable amount, they get bonus data equivalent to the denomination lower than the recharge value.

  • E.g. Recharge with R24 and get 20 MBs
  • E.g. Recharge with R150 and get 100 MBs
Recharge Amount Recharge Data (MBs)
R10 - R19.99 10 MBs
R20 – R29.99 20 MBs
R30 – R49.99 30 MBs
R50 – R99.99 50 MBs
R100 – R249.99 100 MBs
R250 – R499.99 250 MBs
R500+ 500 MBs


When does the Promotion start and end?

The Promotion will run from 00:01am on the 30th November 2017 until 23:59pm on 31st January 2018.

Who qualifies for the Online Recharge promotion?

 All new and existing prepaid and postpaid customers. (Excludes LCR)

Will customers qualify for bonus data when buying airtime through other channels?

 No, this is only valid for successful recharges via our website.

6. What is the depletion order of the bonus data?

Bonus data will be used first, then data bundles and airtime.

How long is the bonus data valid for?

The bonus data is valid for 7 days from the date that a customer buys the airtime.

8. What will happen to unused data?

The bonus data does not carry over so any unused data will be forfeited.

What happens to the bonus data if a customer recharges more than once in a day?

The bonus data that was loaded first will be used first.

What happens if a customer has a data bundle already?

The bonus data will be used first, before the data bundles and airtime.

If customers are on prepaid, do they still get the standard prepaid recharge benefits?

Yes, prepaid customers still qualify for the Free V2V and Free WhatsApp benefit over and above their bonus data allocation.

How do customers check their data balance?

By dialling *101#.