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Data Boost Promotion

Data Boost Promotion Overview

VMSA will launch a Data Boost promotion for all Virgin Mobile stores, Modern Trade and Virgin Mobile kiosks prepaid customers that recharge with R50 more (including data vouchers), whereupon they’ll get double data for 3 months for free.  

Activations performed through the airport channel will not qualify for this benefit. 
See overview here: 
Recharge Value   Equivalent Airtime   

Bonus Data

Bonus Data Bonus Data   Voice   WhatsApp
        Month1 Month2 Month3        
R0-R9 = R0-R9 = N/A N/A N/A   N/A   N/A
R10-R49 = R10-R49 = N/A N/A N/A + Free V2V + Free
R50-R99 = R50-R99 = 100MB 200MB 400MB


Free V2V + Free
R100+ = R100+ = 250MB 500MB 1GB


Free V2V + Free

When does the Promotion start and end?

The Promotion will run from 00:01am on the 6th of March 2018 until 23:59pm on 31 May 2018.

How much bonus data is given away?

  • R50 (to R99) recharge = 100MB in the first month, 200MB in second month and 400MB in the third month; therefore doubling the data each month until month 3
  • R100 (+) recharge =250MB in the first month, 500MB in second month and 1024MB in the third month therefore doubling the data each month until month 3
  • If a customer recharges with a variable amount, they get bonus data equivalent to the qualifying denomination lower than the recharge value. 
  • E.g. Recharge with R66 and get 100MB in the first month, 200MB in second month and 400MB in the third month
  • E.g. Recharge with R150 and get 250MB in the first month, 500MB in second month and 1024MB in the third month

When will the bonus data be loaded onto the prepaid account?

As soon as the customer recharges with the qualifying amount, they will receive the first month’s data allocation, then on the same day of the following two months they’ll automatically receive the qualifying data amount. 

Will the customer be notified when the data is loaded?

Yes, they’ll receive an SMS.

Does a customer still qualify for the benefit if their first recharge isn’t the qualifying amount?

 Yes, on condition that they do recharge with a qualifying value at some point during the promotional period; i.e. if a customer activates a new SIM card and recharges with R49 or less, they won’t qualify for the bonus data until they recharge with R50 or more. The bonus data is only issued on the first recharge of R50 or more, the smaller recharges won’t accumulate.

Who qualifies for the Data Boost promotion?

All new Virgin Mobile prepaid customers excluding customers activated via the Airport channel.

Why are the Airport Channel activations excluded?

The Airport activations are excluded as they will have a different and more suitable offer targeted at their needs.


Will customers qualify for the bonus data when buying airtime or data vouchers through all channels?

Yes, customers may recharge using a physical voucher, virtual voucher, data voucher or electronically in order to get the bonus data.

What is the depletion order of the bonus data?

Bonus data will be used first, then data bundles and airtime.

How long is the bonus data valid for?

The bonus data is valid for 30 days from the date that the customer loads the airtime.

What will happen to unused data?

The bonus data does not carry over so any unused data will be forfeited.

If customers are on prepaid, do they still get the standard prepaid recharge benefits?

Yes, prepaid customers still qualify for the Free Virgin to Virgin Calls and Free WhatsApp benefit over and above their bonus data allocation.

How do customers check their data balance?

By dialling *101#.