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How do I upgrade?


There are two ways you can upgrade with Virgin Mobile:


1. In-Store:

Get down to any Virgin Mobile store and ask our friendly staff about renewing or upgrading your contract. You can ask them other things too, of course, but that would be up to you. They will look up your contract and let you know if you qualify for a renewal or upgrade.

Just remember to bring the following; otherwise we won't be able to help you:

  • ID Documents
  • Proof of residence for RICA (any utility bill featuring your name and address should do) only if your residential address has changed.

Please be aware that if you are eligible for an upgrade, you will need to agree to a credit vet. It’s quick and painless and lets us know that you won’t be buying into something you can’t afford.

One last thing. There is an administration fee of R100 when you upgrade in store. Once you’ve paid, you can stroll out with your shiny new phone and experience that special feeling we like to call the ‘new phone tingles’.


Click here to find your nearest store.

2. Call the Retentions Team:


If you’re one of those people who likes to stay at home in their pyjamas all day, you’ll be glad to hear you can handle your entire upgrade process over the phone. You can call our Retentions Department on 126 (free from any Virgin Mobile number) or you can call 074 1000 126 from any non-Virgin Mobile number. All you need to do is choose option 1 and you’ll go straight through to our upgrades and renewals department. Please note that business hours are Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 17:00. If you feel like leaving us a message after hours select the renewals/upgrades option with your details and we will contact you.

You may need to provide the following documents:

  • ID Documents
  • Your most recent bank statement
  • Proof of residence for RICA (any utility bill featuring your name and address should do)

Just so you know, there is an admin fee of R100 for renewals and upgrades over the phone and your phone will be couriered to you. Please remember you will need all your official documents to show the courier when your phone arrives. But please, at least put on a dressing gown!

Which cellphone models are 3G or GPRS(2G)-compatible?


The good news is that all the latest generation phones are 3G/GPRS compatible. If you’re still rolling with a cellphone the size of a brick, we would strongly suggest you upgrade.

For a full list of compatible phones, visit but quite honestly there’s nothing to worry about.

How will the new bill cycle affect you?


We have upgraded our systems. Your monthly bills have also undergone an extreme makeover. They will be more accurate and easier to read. 


If you started your contract or signed up for value added products before 01 May 2013, your invoice will reflect billing in arrears. 
What does this mean?
For these respective services, your bill will reflect usage, value added services and commitment charges for the previous month the same way you saw it previously, just with a snazzy new look and improved layout.
If you signed up or going to be signing up for a contract or value added products on or after 01 May 2013, your invoice will reflect billing in advance. 
What does this mean?
For these respective services, your bill will reflect usage from the previous month but monthly commitment and value added service charges for the month ahead, with the snazzy look and improved layout. If you have each of the above deals and they are both under the same account, then you will have both instances of arrears and advance billing respective to the product. 
How do I activate my Blackberry Internet Service on Contract?


You have two options to choose from:


  1. Get your current SIM card Blackberry® enabled by scanning your SIM card at any of our flagship stores. The store consultant will then activate your service. Don’t forget your ID or driver’s license.
  2. Get a prepaid 99er SIM card at any valid retail store, call our call centre on 123 from your mobile or 0741 000 123 from any other phone, and provide us with the new SIM card number. Your BlackBerry® Internet Service will be activated within 24 hours after providing us with your new SIM card number.
We charge various fees for the different BlackBerry® options: 
  • Full BlackBerry® Internet Service on contract is charged at R59 per month.  
  • Any BlackBerry® Contract worth R399 upwards can upgrade to full BlackBerry® Internet Service at no additional cost. 
  • BlackBerry® Contracts with the BlackBerry® Social & Email plan may upgrade to full BlackBerry® Internet Service for R30 extra per month.
  • Take note that a Fair usage policy applies.