Report Fraud

Report Fraud

Is there someone out there pretending to be you, dressing up like you and giving you a bad name? We’re not talking about doppelgangers or evil twins here; we’re talking about people using your ID number and/or banking details to open accounts or they may have called you requesting for sensitive information pretending to be Virgin Mobile.
If you have reason to believe this is happening to you, do inform us – we’ll help you stop the impersonators on their tracks and prevent further harm being caused.
To get the ball rolling:
Email us at
Dial 135 FREE from your Virgin Mobile phone, or call 0741 000 123 from any other phone (normal call rates apply)
We're able to take your call from: 
        Monday to Friday between 8am to 8pm
        Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays between 8am to 6pm 

Tips on how you can protect yourself from identity theft or subscription fraud:

Safeguard your personal information at home by storing it safely out of sight

Don’t provide personal information to unknown individuals via telephone, email or the internet
Destroy any documents with personal information you no longer need, e.g., bank statements or payslips
Request alerts, from companies such as TransUnion, Experian, Clearscore etc., of any activity on your credit profile to ensure no unknown accounts are linked to your credit profile

Tips on how you can protect yourself against cellphone fraud:

Notify us immediately if your device is lost or stolen

Store your device’s IMEI number in a safe place so you’re able to have it blacklisted if stolen (most devices’ IMEI numbers can be checked by dialing *#06#)
Use a PIN to lock your device and SIM card at all times and keep your PIN in a safe place
Be vigilant and don’t use your device in crowded or unsafe areas
Keep your device secure and out of sight, and never leave it unattended
Avoid questionable app downloads
Look for unusual activity on your monthly bill and report it immediately