Free on-net calls for contract and prepaid customers



Free on V2V: Virgin Mobile highlights the beauty of voice with free on-net calls

Johannesburg, 1 November 2014; Virgin Mobile South Africa’s (VMSA) highly anticipated new product proposition offers free on-net calls to all its contract and prepaid customers.

After months of media speculation about the pioneering mobile virtual network operator’s (MVNO) next move, CEO Anton Landman revealed a new tiered offering, which will go live from 1 November 2014.

The offer

The proposition covers prepaid, post-paid and top-up contracts.

Post-paid and top-up deals include free Virgin to Virgin (V2V) minutes that are valid for calls made to other Virgin Mobile SA numbers. The monthly quantity equates to the subscription value of the contract, up to R499. On contract values over R499, subscribers get a flat 1000 free V2V minutes. 

Virgin Mobile’s prepaid offering, V2V Booster, offers up to 100% back on the face value on recharge vouchers of R35 and more. So, for instance, vouchers of R35 to R49 include 35 free V2V minutes, and ones of R120 to R179 include 120 free V2V minutes. 

Mobile as it should be

Landman explains the thinking behind the new offering. “We have set ourselves the target of one million subscribers in the next three years, and this is just one of the ways we intend achieving this,” he says. 

“In a cluttered market where mobile operators fight for every inch of competitive advantage and the market is flooded with a myriad of complex offerings, there is little room for more of the same,” he says. “So we’re creating our own space in the industry with simple, high-value offerings that cannot be easily replicated.” 

Virgin Mobile maintains a strong focus on data and has added generous data inclusions on all of its contract and top up packages.  Landman says that intense market competition surrounding data was another consideration for Virgin Mobile’s focus on voice differentiation. The thinking behind pushing voice as a key differentiator with this proposition also links back to Virgin Mobile’s values around family and community.

“It’s the beauty of voice, mobile as it should be. There are things that you just can’t say with text. Insights show that on average most consumers have a handful of close people that they talk to on a regular basis making up their community. V2V offers South Africans the opportunity to indulge in a real conversation with their community without concerns about costs.”

“This offering will allow us to attract additional customers who know and love the Virgin brand and how we go about things. By honing in on this key market we can adopt a focused product and brand strategy going forward delivering on the specific needs of our target audience.’’

The V2V promotion will run for the next three months, effective from 1 November 2014, giving all new subscribers access to free V2V minutes.  Anyone signing a new contract in the promotional period can enjoy the benefits of free Virgin to Virgin calls for the duration of their contract.


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