Virgin Mobile launches FlexiStick - South Africa's most flexible 3G HSPA+ modem contract


Virgin Mobile South Africa today launched their FlexiStick 3G HSPA+ Modem contract based on a simple “pay-as-you-surf” principle.

For a low R50 per month over 24 months, the FlexiStick package incorporates the latest technology 21.1 Mbs (max) HSPA+ modem, but unlike competitor modem contracts, it does not include any mandatory data bundle for the month that is charged irrespective of whether all the data is used or not.

Instead, all data usage from the first megabyte is charged in arrears at month end and treated as out-of-bundle usage priced at Virgin Mobile’s industry beating non-bundle rate of 60c per Mb.

“With this contract offer, our customers effectively pay as they surf, using only what they need, without the usual wastage of data bundles”, said Jonathan Newman, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, Virgin Mobile.

Virgin Mobile’s underlying 3G HSPA+ network continues to expand and now covers all the larger South African cities and towns as well as many other smaller communities across the country.