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With our NEW Prepaid rate plan- My Bonus, you will get bonus SMSs, Data and Minutes to any network on EVERY recharge for FREE.

  • There is an expiry on your bonus value so ensure you use them quickly (see below)!
  • If you recharge with R20 and more but don’t belong to a group (check out Group Bonus), you will still be eligible for the individual bonus.  
  • Dial *101# to check your bonus balance. 
Recharge with You get free To use for
5MBs, 5 SMSs & 2 MINS
1 Day
10 MBs, 10 SMSs & 4 MINS
1 Day
20 MBs, 20 SMSs & 8 MINS
3 Days
30 MBs, 30 SMSs & 10 MINS
3 Days
50 MBs, 50 SMSs & 16 MINS
3 Days
100 MBs, 100 SMSs & 35 MINS
7 Days
500 MBs, 500 SMSs & 150 MINS
7 Days
1000 MBs, 1000 SMSs & 300 MINS
7 Days

Terms and Conditions

  • My Bonus- FREE minutes, SMSs and Data is valid on our standard prepaid rate plan and is received upon every recharge.
  • My Bonus rewards have specific expiry dates dependent on the voucher denomination. 
  • Any bonus rewards not consumed before the expiry date will be forfeited.
  • If you receive your individual bonus rewards, you are still eligible for Sunday Bonus and Group Bonus rewards. 
  • The bonus value amounts are effective from the date it is placed onto your account.
  • Free bonuses will always deplete before paid for usage.
  • Free bonus rewards may not be transferred. 
  • Free calls and SMSs may be used for national calls/SMSs to all networks.