1,2, FREE Terms and Conditions

 “1,2, FREE” Terms and Conditions


  1. “1,2, FREE” comprises of a choice of 2 rate plans: “Free Talk” and “Free Surf & Text”.
  2. If you become a Virgin Mobile Prepaid customer on or after 02 May 2013, your default prepaid rate plan will be the “Free Talk” rate plan, unless you tell us otherwise. 
  3. If you became a Virgin Mobile Prepaid customer before 02 May 2013, you will remain on our standard Prepaid rate plan (please check that our ‘standard’ prepaid rate is detailed/detailed correctly on the website) unless you request to change to the “Free Talk” or “Free Surf & Text” Prepaid rate plan. 
  4. All Prepaid customers can request to change their Prepaid rate plan once every 30 days and the change should be effective the next day. If you request a change in your Prepaid rate plan, you will keep your existing Virgin Mobile cell phone number, as well as any current airtime balance and bundles that you have. 
  5. Each day, we will start calculating your “Free” talk, SMSs or MBs at 00:01am. We will stop calculating your “Free’ talk, SMS or MBs at 00:00am every day. 
  6. Accumulation of talk does not have to be within one call in a day but may be accumulated over a number of calls in a day.
  7. If you make international calls, these will contribute to “Free Talk” and international SMSs you send will contribute to “Free Surf & Text” SMSs. 
  8. All “Free Talk” minutes and “Free Text and Data” SMS and MBs credits are only valid for national talk, SMS and data usage (at any time throughout the whole day) and cannot be used for any national MMS or international calls, international SMS or international roaming. “Free Talk” minutes and “Free Text and Data” SMS and MB credits can also not be used for premium SMS, WASP services and other value added SMS or MMS.
  9. Any eligible “Free Talk” minutes are loaded at the end of a qualifying call, for example, if you make two calls of one minute each, the ‘Free’ minute of talk will be loaded at the end of the second call. You must therefore have enough airtime to initially cover the full cost of your call/s.
  10. “Free Surf and Text” SMSs are loaded once you have sent a qualifying SMS. “Free Surf and Text” data is loaded once you have used 2MBs of data at the end of your browsing session or every hour, whichever happens earlier.
  11. If you have purchased any bundles from us, for example, a data bundle or an SMS bundle, these will not contribute to the “1, 2 ,Free” offer and your use of these bundles will not accumulate “Free Talk” minutes or “Free Surf & Text” data or SMSs.
  12. Any other bonus, free or promotional airtime, minutes, SMS or data loaded on to your mobile device will not be counted in calculating “Free Talk” minutes or “Free Surf & Text” MBs or SMSs.
  13. A customer is automatically removed from the “1, 2, Free” offers when their service becomes inactive. “Free Talk” minutes or “Free Surf and Text” MBs and SMSs will not carry over to a new Prepaid rate plan when you migrate between Prepaid plans, for example, “Free Talk” minutes cannot be carried over to the “Free Surf & Text” plan. They will also not carry over if we permit you to change to a Contract.
  14. We may amend these terms and conditions or withdraw this offer at any time. Any amendment to these terms and conditions will be placed on our Website and you agree to be bound by the latest version of these terms and conditions. You must therefore check our Website regularly.
  15. When you become a Virgin Mobile Prepaid customer, including when you choose the “Free Talk” or “Free Surf & Text” Prepaid rate plans, you agree to be bound by our standard customer terms and conditions, which can be found on our Website.