Planning a night out with your girls? We’ve got some suggestions for great apps that will make that ladies night even better! 

1. Howl
When you feel like you and your girlfriends are out on the prowl, Howl is the app that’ll turn you into the leader of the pack. Using Foursquare software, Howl lets you send instant shout-outs (or ‘howls’) to people on your contact list, letting them know where you are and urging them to join you. If your friends have the app, they only have to slide left or right to say if they’re coming or busy. Regular users can also pick up points for ‘howling’ and attending other people’s ‘howls’.
2. Facebook
Most of us spend a lot of time on Facebook, so it makes sense to use this social experience when planning a special night out with the girls. 
All of us have set up event pages for birthdays or other cool shindigs, and Facebook has become the go-to platform for planning epic parties. 
3. Foursquare
The original big papa, Foursquare has 45 million users worldwide and is the perfect way to check-in at your favourite spots. It’s a great way to track a girl’s night out. 
4. Instagram
It’s become the ultimate way to share pictures and memories. If you haven’t jumped on the Instagram party-bus, we suggest you have a look and see why millions of people use this service to record their partying ways. Don’t forget, filters bring out your eyes!
5. Google Maps
The tried and trusted, Google Maps has loads of add-ons to make planning a night out easy. With a long list of bars and restaurants, as well as a tool that works out the distances between hot-spots, you’ll be able to give directions and plan a night worth turning up for. 
6. Snapchat
Founded by two Stanford students, Snapchat lets you take photos that will self-destruct within ten seconds after having been viewed. We can’t imagine what you’d use it for (wink), but it certainly helps to avoid that morning-after guilt. 
7. Shazam
Ever hear a song in a club that you wish you could download or get the title of? Shazam records the music playing around you and searches a database to give you info for that great track that keeps a big night out pumping. 

8. Vine

Vine, as most of us know, allows users to make and share six-second videos — an idea which probably inspired 1 Second Every Day.
The world seen as a six-second loop: Isn’t that the way every good night should be remembered?
9. 1 Second Every Day
Remembering a great girl’s night-out just got a whole lot more interesting with this app that lets you record one second from every day and then mash all the footage together in a trippy montage. 
The one question we want to ask: Which second would you choose?
10. Road Trip
The one thing every Big Night Out should have is a safe way to get you and your girls home. Road Trip has a great app to help you get you and your car back to your pozzie after a night living la vida loca. Services like these really help you to relax and enjoy the night without having to worry about how you’re getting around. 
This app isn’t locally available yet but we’ve added it in anyway as a great idea that we wish we had!
No more trying to flirt your way to the front of the bar, Boppl allows you to order drinks via your phone, meaning less time spent in bar-queues or flagging down waiters. What a great way to make sure you make the most of the quality time you have with your girls! 
All of these apps are available for Android via Google Play on your Virgin Mobile device. Don’t forget to check out our new Android handsets, as well as our Virgin Mobile downloadable content