Get RICA'd

As much as you may hope, RICA is not a well-off foreign aunt you never knew who is looking for someone to give her inheritance to – sorry. 

It means that from 1 July 2010 all new pre- and postpaid customers should have registered their SIMs with Virgin Mobile.

Dial *124# to check if you are RICA compliant.

How do I get RICA'd?

To make the magic happen, you will need your South African ID or passport and proof of residence verified by a RICA officer. Proof of residence can be a bank statement, a retail account, a municipal bill etc., any official document that provides your name and address is good by us.

How to Rica if you are a non-South African resident?

You will need to give us a letter from your employer and a letter confirming your residence. We’ll need to see your passport, and need your permanent dress overseas.

What to do if you have missed the RICA deadline and your account has been suspended.

Firstly, relax. It’s not the end of the world (even though a cellphone that doesn’t work can seem like it). Once you’ve made yourself a cup of tea and calmed down a little all you need to do is take your South African ID book or passport and proof of residence to:
Or visit our customer walk-in centre at Cedar Square and look out for the ‘RICA’ sign.
If you like to do things the old school way, you can even fax us. Fax a copy of your South African ID book or passport and proof of residence to 086 672 7844. And again, please don’t forget to give us your cell number too!

What does 'suspended' mean?

It means you are totally cut off. You will not be able to make any outgoing calls or SMSs and won’t be able to download any data. You will also not be able to receive any calls or SMSs.
Basically, your phone becomes a really expensive paperweight. Until you RICA of course.
And if you’re one of our postpaid customers, please be aware that you will still be billed for your monthly commitment.