All BlackBerry® devices are unable to accept Over-The-Air (OTA) settings and need to be set up manually.

First time BlackBerry® subscription:

Settings for your BlackBerry®:

If you need settings for your BlackBerry® handset, call our call centre on 0741 000 123 and select option 2 and request service books; these will be sent to your BlackBerry® handset.

Note: BlackBerry® is a subscription service and service books will allow you to use BlackBerry® services

BlackBerry® is the leading smartphone brand from Canadian wireless company, Research in Motion. Sleek and powerful, the phone features intuitive design, fast 3G network technology and a sought-after BlackBerry® messenger service that allows users to connect with others for free.

Software Downloads:

Need to download software for your BlackBerry® cellphone? Now there’s an easier way to do it. All BlackBerry® smartphones are supported – just pick it from the drop down menu and download away!

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Connecting to BlackBerry®:

Click here for more information about how to:

  1. Activate your Value Added Services (VAS) like SMS, MMS and wireless data services i.e. WAP, GPRS etc.
  2. Setup your personal email accounts and Internet Service.
  3. Unlock unlimited Social Networking for BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM), Facebook and Twitter.