Are you in need of some data to carry you through the first part of the year? Well, we can help you with that. All you need to do is grab a free a SIM card from a Virgin Mobile store, kiosk or promotion stand, RICA it, recharge with R50 or more and you will get the equivalent amount of airtime, free V2V calls, free WhatsApp and (wait for it…) double the data for 3 months. Now, that’s pretty cool…so go grab a new SIM today!
This is how it works:
Recharge Value   Equivalent Airtime   

Bonus Data

Bonus Data Bonus Data   Voice   WhatsApp
        Month1 Month2 Month3        
R0-R9 = R0-R9 = N/A N/A N/A + N/A


R10-R49 = R10-R49 = N/A N/A N/A + Free V2V + FREE
R50-R99 = R50-R99 = 100MB 200MB 400MB + Free V2V + FREE
R100+ = R100+ = 250MB 500MB 1GB + Free V2V + FREE


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