Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship

 The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship - South Africa is an independent centre of entrepreneurial expertise meaning it is flexible and can attract the very best applicants. It is funded in part by Virgin Unite, Virgin’s nonprofit foundation in addition to global business leaders and investors. Virgin Unite, the non profit foundation of the Virgin Group part funds and supports the Branson Centre as one of its premier global leadership initiatives.

Virgin Unite is about uniting people to tackle tough social and environmental issues in an entrepreneurial way, drawing upon all the resources from across the Virgin Group. 
Business as a force for good
These entrepreneurs are making a huge difference not only to their immediate families and communities, but as the business leaders and employers of the future, they will also contribute significantly to economic growth in South Africa.
“The South African economy is dependent on entrepreneurial activity for creating future economic growth and jobs, but the economic contribution to South Africa’s entrepreneurial sector is below the developing country norm. I believe that increasing entrepreneurship in this country is the golden highway to economic democracy.” - Sir Richard Branson
Our Bit for Good
Virgin Mobile South Africa have decided to get involved with the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship to do our bit for good this year!
Starting 1 August 2013 50% of all accessory sales profits in stores country wide will be directly contributed to the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship so they can keep doing what they do best!
Visit one of our stores nationwide to see how you can get involved!