About BlackBerry® Bundles

1. How to buy a bundle
It’s easy!  Just dial *110# and you will see the options to buy bundles.
  • If you are a Top Up or Prepaid Customer, you must have enough Airtime loaded onto your account to purchase a bundle - bundle purchases are then deducted from your Airtime balance. If you don’t have enough Airtime to cover the cost of a bundle, including a recurring bundle, all you have to do is recharge with more Airtime to buy a bundle! 
  • If you are a Contract Customer, you can purchase bundles out of your Subscription Cap (but not your Monthly Included Value). If you have used all of your Subscription Cap and still want to buy a bundle, call 123 and ask a Customer Service Champ to extend your Subscription Cap to allow further bundle purchases. Note: we may have to pass a credit check and other internal vetting criteria before we agree to extend your Subscription Cap, at our sole discretion.
2. How long do bundles last for?

A once-off bundle will start on the date that you purchase it and it’s placed onto your account. From this date, the bundle is valid for 30 days. 

If you buy a once-off bundle, that bundle will only be valid for a certain period of time. Bundles do not carry over after 30 days. Any bundle not used in the bundle period will be forfeited. We recommend you purchase another additional once-off bundle to get the best rate, just dial *110#
  • You can buy more than one once-off bundle. If you buy more than one, the bundle that was loaded first will be used first.
For recurring bundles:
A recurring bundle means a new bundle will be automatically applied and renewed the day after the last one expires, until such time as you cancel your recurring bundle.
  • If you are a Contract Customer and you buy a recurring bundle the first month’s bundle will be prorated until the last day and then a new bundle will be loaded on the first of that month and is valid for the full calendar month. 
  • If you are a PrePay or TopUp Customer and buy a recurring bundle, the bundle will renew every 30 days on the monthly anniversary date. You will be notified via SMS the day before your current bundle expires indicating the amount due to go off your account on the day of expiry
3. How Recurring Bundles work
  • Only one recurring bundle of the same type (i.e. SMS or Data) may be loaded per Phone Number at any given time. 
  • You may have two different types (i.e. 1x SMS and 1x Data bundle) of recurring bundles on your account at the same time.
  • If you are a Contract customer, you will be invoiced for any bundles that you purchase, which will form part of your monthly Bill.
  • If you are a Top Up Customer or Prepay Customer, the fees for your recurring bundle will be deducted from your available Airtime every month.
4. What if I don’t have enough Airtime for my recurring bundle?
  • If you are a Top Up or Prepaid Customer and you do not have enough Airtime to purchase the new recurring bundle by the end of the first day on which it should have been reloaded, the recurring bundle will not be loaded onto your account and the recurring bundle will be removed from your account. 
  • For any usage charge, if a Bundle is not loaded, will be based on your current Subscription rate chosen.
  • In order to get the Bundle value again, you will need to re-apply for a once-off or recurring bundle.
5. What happens when my bundle expires?
Well, the first thing we suggest that you do is dial *110# and buy another bundle! 
  • Any SMSs or Data included in your expired bundle, which you did not use before the expiry date, will be forfeited when the bundle expires.
  • Please note that if you have a recurring bundle, any SMSs or Data included in one bundle period will not carry over to the next bundle period!
6. What if I use my bundle before it expires?
  • We recommend you purchase an additional once-off bundle to get the best rate, just dial *110#!
  • Alternatively, you can continue to use the Virgin Mobile Service based on your current rate plan, if you have enough Airtime or a sufficient Subscription Cap. 
7. How to cancel a recurring Bundle
To stop a recurring bundle from automatically renewing, dial *110*8#. The removal of the bundle will only be effective at the end of the current bundle’s expiry.